Connecting Bridges Together is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping children, teenagers, individuals, and families to build and preserve healthy relationships in a safe environment through education, counseling, and outreach programs for the community and educational systems.


Building community bridges through healthy lifestyles

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​​Our Story

As we worked with families and individuals that experienced a divorce, a legal situation, an abusive relationship, addiction or a childhood that was better forgotten. Those stories were life altering for us. To hear that they carried that shame, guilt and yet wanted to regain back their personal life. For many of them they tried many different ways to heal from their circumstances.This inspired our vision for a place where people would come in and feel welcomed. Our staff has a great sense of passion working with people of all walks of life. We believe that the incidents of their lives do not define who they were.

We wanted to have a place where the community could walk in and feel they were respected, safe and feel no judgement on why or what brought them here. Where everyone is granted an opportunity to redefine themselves, rewrite their story, or even just the ending of that story, and to feel that they would be able to refresh their hope. Our journey begins, Connecting Bridges Together to be committed in providing a fresh beginning that can lead to healthy relationships and lifestyles. Our privilege of being part of those journeys would be to offer the help with that process. Change may be difficult and asking for help might be even harder. What makes the transition smoother is knowing that they have support to get there. Connecting Bridges Together would love to provide that support by providing a learning opportunity by teaching those that they have a voice and the ability to change and resilience is what defines them.

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