We may see unhealthy relationships as so normal that we may not see the most obvious; or we may be too paralyzed by fear, anxiety or both. Unhealthy relationships could lead to extremely toxic environments. There may be a multitude of causes that contribute to our behaviors. There may be some that think that an unhealthy relationship is a normal style of living. These sorts of relationships have a makeup of one aggressor and the other being passive, or there may be two aggressors, which those combinations could lead to a toxic relationship caused by both sides. It has been recognized that it can take 6 to 7 times for a relationship to break up before they may terminate the relationship.

What action can we take today? We begin by educating and instructing the community how one has choices that can facilitate to create positive changes to those unhealthy behaviors. Discovering that we cannot change others or that is not our responsibility, what is our responsibility is to create changes in ourselves and learn how to not react to others. Empowering ourselves goes beyond thinking we are victims, instead we begin to conceive that we matter. We can commence that process of change and begin to make those tough choices that we may have thought were impossible before, by discovering new skills and increasing those behavioral changes that give us that personal empowerment to be proactive in our life. 

What Can Cause A Unhealthy Relationships?